Bill Seet has been working in the graphic design and art world for over 15 years. He has created hundreds, possibly thousands of projects...too many to count. These are only a few examples of his work just so he can get this darn site up. Like a home contractor, Bill always works on the client’s projects first and never gets around to doing his own portfolio "home" website. Examples of Print & Digital Marketing Collateral, Promotional Material (point-of-sale and press kit materials, business  pitches, etc.), Branding (corporate ID; logos, business cards & stationary design), Photography and Photo Retouching, Product Packaging, and Web & Email Newsletter Design will be forthcoming.

Fluent in Adobe Creative Suite, Keynote, PowerPoint, Freehand MX, Flash, and basic HTML skills, Bill has a the ability to build and compose imagery in Photoshop, and to quickly and efficiently create key artwork. Bill also has experience Art Directing, shooting in-house photography, directing studio photo shoots, managing post-production and photo retouching skills.

Bill has strong time management and organizational skills. He is a very enthusiastic, focused and highly creative person with strong aesthetic and technical skills. Bill thrives on creative challenges and is able to roll up his sleeves and make things happen. He has no fear of deadlines! He is highly detail-oriented and has a structured design process. He excels at project management and prides himself on good clear communication skills.

Call or Text Bill Seet: 1-415-789-4062 or Email: bill@best-artist-sf.com