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The simplest of logos always seem to be the most brilliant! A great logo concept is satisfying to look at because it doesn't take any work to understand it. Thats because it took a lot of conceptualizing and planning to get it this way.

In my logo design process, i’ll try many different angles on a concept, then subtract elements that are not needed.

The final logo composition will not need a single thing added while further removing anything from it will lessen the impact.

Inspiration for any kind of creation is quick and fleeting… You must hang on to it (the process) with both hands. If you let go of it and not ride it through its fully potential, it floats back into the universe for someone else to claim as their own.

A good logo must successfully serve its purpose. Good design is about making things function properly first, and making them aesthetically pleasing second. In the case of logo creation, that means it communicates its intended message.

The first step in logo creatation is "Getting the right idea", the second is "Getting the idea right”, quote by Marty Neumeier in "The Brand Gap"

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